visual content
featuring advertising
Our AI-vision technology analyzes, and determines the meaning of visual content to dynamically associate it with the most contextually relevant ads displayed right in image and attract full user attention.
Visible to be
Your ads are embedded directly into the content a user is already paying attention. We show ads only when it comes into view. As a result, the viewability rate increases dramatically.
Our brand-new technology sees and perceives any graphics the same way as a human eye does. It seizes the moment when a customer is paying the most attention and then serves your ad.
Engagingat first sight
Image-based advertising drives higher brand metrics such as awareness, favorability and purchase intent after only a handful of exposures.
Gain a positive user experience with in-content placements, guaranteed views and meaningful engagement during key moments of discovery.
Keep your
brand safe
We put all the safeguards in place to ensure your ads appear only in brand-safe, contextually relevant environments. We leverage our AI to detect potentially dangerous content and block it.
Environment that appeals
Get a contextually-relevant canvas to present rich media display ads, product information and video. In-image ads subtly capture user attention without disrupting the editorial experience.
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